Upstate Staging Solutions - Full Service Home Staging
Services Offered
NEW - Redesign Service
Interior redesign is an affordable service to rev up your decor without spending a fortune. This is because we use what you already have. Rearranging your furniture and accessories in just the right way can improve flow and improve the overall feeling of the space.
One-time Consultation
We will come to the home and offer advice to improve the home's most important first impression.  We focus on several key areas that potential buyers look to and make recommendations to enhance any problem areas.
 Detailed Staging Plan - Occupied Home
This expands on the consultation and offers detailed steps to take to properly showcase the property.  The plan will be provided in writing and will have access to a variety of additional resources.
Vacant Home Staging
We will come to the property and determine the key focal areas of the home where furniture and accessory placement would make the biggest impact.  This service includes furniture selection, delivery, and placement.
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